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Version: 3.16.2 Release Date: 2023-09-20

Update Log:

v3.16.2 – 2023-09-20
* Fix: Fit to Content dropdown position calculation is incorrect in Menu widget ([#23808](
* Fix: Reverted hide navigation arrows when there is only one slide in the Loop or Nested carousel ([#23804](

v3.16.1 – 2023-09-14
* Fix: Dynamic tag for ACF image field is not working as expected ([#23757](
* Fix: Sticky functionality affects padding values in Container ([#23758](
* Fix: HTML list issues for padding and margin in Menu widget

V3.16.0 – 2023-09-12
* Tweak: Implemented accessibility improvements in Menu widget ([#23607](, [#22554](
* Fix: ‘Fallback: Recent Posts’ option malfunctions in the Query control ([#21436](, [#23259](
* Tweak: Hide navigation arrows when there is only one slide in the Loop or Nested carousel ([#22056](
* Tweak: Used appropriate image `alt` in Testimonial Carousel widget ([#17680](
* Tweak: Optimized Scroll Snap functionality when using Container widget
* Tweak: Enhanced Elementor Role Manager functionality when using Containers
* Tweak: Added Notes feature to the Editor Top Bar
* Tweak: Replace CSS `float` with other layouts in the Editor
* Tweak: Upgraded HTML Structure for the Menu widget
* Tweak: Implemented CSS logical properties in Carousel and Menu widgets
* Tweak: Added keyboard accessibility to a link in Posts widget
* Tweak: Loop Builder feature merged to version
* Fix: Addressed inconsistency in hover effect durations between icon, dropdown indicator colors, and text colors in the Menu widget ([#22376](
* Fix: Slides break if the parent container is set to HTML A tag in Loop Carousel and Carousel widgets ([#22678](
* Fix: The icon size setting is not affecting uploaded SVG icons in the Menu widget ([#22372](
* Fix: Taxonomy filter does not work with slug in foreign characters ([#23315](
* Fix: Improved code security enforcement in Dynamic Tags
* Fix: Sticky container incorrectly adjusts its width when transitioning from a smaller breakpoint to a larger one within the Editor.

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