Garment production in April rose 10.2% annually


Although the textile sector has indicated, from Inexmoda, that it expects higher sales in the second semester of the year and with it an increase in the production of garments, in April according to the reports delivered by the Dane, we already see something of the upturn.

In the fourth month of the year, clothing production increased 10.2% compared to April 2017, while sales of the sector increased 2.1%.

Something that was reduced, according to the reports, is that the employment of this industry fell, because the positions that depend on the textile sector contracted 3.3%, thus already four months in which the decline has been constant.

At the moment of reviewing the behavior of the fashion industry by subcategories, the one that grew the most in production was spinning, weaving and finishing of textile products, with an increase of 14.1% in 12 months. Similarly, it also rebounded in sales, because there climbing climbed to levels of 14.8% compared to April last year.

Interestingly, footwear was one of the categories that increased its production, but reduced the number of jobs generated and sales. In terms of manufacturing, it rose 1.1%, and employment and billing fell 2.6% and 0.4%, respectively.

One of the sub sectors that fell the most was the one related to companies dedicated to hides and skins, since production there fell 9.9% compared to the same period of 2017, sales lost 3% and jobs 8%. Finally, bags, on the other hand, increased their turnover by 8.7%.


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