How to get rid of loose, baggy skin after weight loss


How to get rid of loose, baggy skin after weight loss
Just yesterday I met someone at the gym who told me about her extreme weight loss transformation. She told me she weighed 120 kilos almost 6 months ago and now she was down to 73 kilos. I was naturally impressed and asked her how it felt – to which she folded her mid length sleeved t-shirt and showed me the lump of skin hanging from her lower arms. She told me that her thighs were somewhat in the same embarrassing state, because of which, despite having lost so much weight, she cannot wear short dresses.
A quick search on the Internet revealed that there are many medical surgical procedures that help remove the hanging skin. However, for someone who does not want to go under the knife, weight training helps a great deal. Having said that, it works only if you target to lose it within a short period of time. If this loose skin is allowed to stay for a long time, it somewhere loses it ability to shrink with exercise.
Another way of fixing the skin is to consider using firming creams. However, remember that the results may not be long lasting. While shopping for one, you can look at a product that contains retinoid, which prevents your skin from radical damage that can affect collagen in your skin. Sometimes even collagen can help your skin look young and nourished so it is good to invest in a good cream. The way in which collagen works is by helping the tissues in your skin to ensure elasticity in the skin and avoid loose skin.
You’d be surprised to know that there are studies that claim massaging loose skin tightens it – even skin scrubs help to enhance blood flow in the region.
Coming to the surgical process, body contouring is an option, which is performed by a certified plastic surgeon. Some of these procedures require larger incisions, if they are on the abdomen or a smaller incision for arm lift. Different procedures have different recovery period. But a lower body lift which involves tightening the skin around buttocks and thighs and a bit of waist takes longer to heal. But on an average, it takes 7-9 weeks to heal for larger incisions. Also, many a times doctors will not perform surgery on multiple body parts so you may need multiple surgeries to fix the skin.


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