Making Money Online Without Investing is Possible: 6 Methods to Get Started Right Away


Every time I talk about online business with some acquaintances the most frequent objection I get is that without money it is not possible to leave, that you don’t have time to devote to learning what you need or that they can devote themselves to this type of things only those who are already well off.

They are all non-acting foolishness: you can earn online without investing money right away , seriously and with a precise method and in this article I will explain to you what are the ways to succeed in the light of my experience as a web entrepreneur.

By acquiring the extraordinary advice that I have decided to make available to you, in a short time you will be able to supplement your salary , to create parallel revenues or to start a real business .

Earning Without Investing Money … doesn’t mean you’re not investing anything!
One of the most common mistakes people make is to think that for free it means “I spend 1000 hours on a thing for months, as long as I don’t spend any money” .

If you too have thought such a thing you have done yourself an immense wrong and you have failed to respect yourself because you have forgotten to consider a small detail: the value of your time .

If you are an entrepreneur or a professional you have a very clear concept, if you have never worked independently I will explain it to you in a nutshell: in the budget of a company even the best collaborator is considered as a machine gear with a cost. Even a multi-millionaire football player is a small piece that “costs X” to do Y.

When you go to work every day, your time is evaluated: the more value you can bring to your business and the more “costs” (if you never thought about it, maybe now you can realize when it’s right to ask for a raise !).

When you approach any non-working project you have to consider that the hours spent learning, even if they do not involve an exit, have a cost that you must keep in mind.

You got it right: making money online without investing is not a completely correct concept because, even if you don’t take out even a penny, you’re actually using a significant amount of hours to hopefully get a return.

Let’s take a practical example: let’s say that one of your working hours is worth € 15 – don’t be offended if you think it is worth more or don’t get excited if you’ve never seen your time quantified so much – and that to start the project you have in you need to study and test 2 hours a day for 3 months.

I estimate 2 hours for 5 days a week, regardless of the distribution you apply (maybe in the week you can do nothing and concentrate on the weekend, it is the same for my reasoning) are 40 hours a month, then a total of 120 hours.

The operation is simple: € 15 x 120 hours = € 1800.

For the purposes of this calculation, I advise you to first establish the time you intend to use in a project rounding up so that you always have a clear idea of ​​how much the activity is actually “costing” you.

When you start working in a new sector, you specify it, your time is worth very little: it’s like when you did your first internship after graduation or graduation, what you learn is worth more than what you actually give.

How much time do you want to invest?
As a boy I was passionate about Dragon Ball, a Japanese manga very popular for those of my generation. During the Serie Z the protagonists, to prepare for an important battle, decide to exploit an ace up their sleeve: training in the Room of Spirit and Time .

The room allows you to enter another dimension where time passes faster: in a few hours you can enjoy a training time equal to months, after a day inside you can put in place a multi-year training program accelerating the improvements.

Let’s say you don’t want to make money out of it, the only resource you have is limited time: you can’t humanely work more than 24 hours a day, you can’t use the Spirit Room and Time.

Let’s make it even more tragic: even if our society were able to develop something similar, it would be within the reach of a few from an economic point of view and certainly you could not benefit from it, precisely because you want to make money without investing money .

Even if you don’t have to make money or if you still have to spend a minimum budget, you should start planning the investment of time to carry out your project. The more it is complex or distant from your attitudes, the more you have to apply to it.

Here are 6 methods to earn on the web sorted by complexity.

# 1 – Low difficulty: Paid surveys
In short, there are sites that commission you for paid surveys on behalf of large companies. No technical preparation is required , you just need to register and check the email frequently: by answering, you accumulate points that you can convert into money.

The time you invest is only the operative one: you register, you check the mail, you answer. Easy, isn’t it?

Here I have collected all the best polls , you can take a look and immediately sign up to earn.

If you really have interest in making money with surveys, here are the main sites operating in Italy that I have tested and selected for you:

Opinion Center – A highly established portal around the world that offers the possibility of receiving payments both in cash on Paypal and on Amazon vouchers;
Toluna – With 21 million members, it is one of the largest communities in the world. It collaborates with companies like Amazon, Alitalia, Zalando, Mondadori and Decathlon and allows you to earn money by testing products and responding to surveys;
Bidoo – The well-known online auction portal can be a good opportunity to capitalize on free time: by signing up you participate in auctions with a very low starting point and a raise of just 0.01 cents. Up for grabs there are very rich prizes like the latest generation TV, tablet or smartphone. For new users there is a € 10 bonus that can be spent on credits for auctions: with the bonus you can make as many as 1000 raises, trying to immediately win the one you are most interested in;
Nielsen Smartphone and Tablet – Thanks to Nielsen you can earn up to € 5 a week by downloading the app and installing it on your mobile device. The opportunity concerns only smartphones and tablets, so register with your device and start earning immediately;
Zalando Privé – It is not really a survey site but I recommend it as an idea to round off saving a lot of money on clothing, shoes and accessories for both adults and children. You can register even if you are not a Zalando customer by accessing the exclusive area with discounts and promotions up to 75% on very expensive brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Prada and Geox;
LifePoints – Join a community of 5 million members and earn points by responding to surveys with which you can win the best rewards. Upon registration, you will immediately receive 10 Bonus points ;
Alpine Forest (Age Range 18-24 years) – With this panel you can earn up to € 3 per survey. At this time the company is looking for users aged between 18 and 24, only register if you are of this age otherwise you will not receive any payment;
SurveyPronto : international survey panel that gives you a $ 5 sign-up bonus . It is very easy to join: you can do it via your Facebook account or via an e-mail address. Your answers are paid with cash prizes;
Consumers Panel – Community with over 30,000 subscribers who answer questions on the main companies. The points are converted into prizes in consumer goods.

# 2 – Medium-Low Difficulty: Buy at bargain prices on Bidoo and sell them

Bidoo is an innovative real-time auction service that allows you to win vouchers and prizes that have a high price and that thanks to this system you can win up to 90% discounts.

By registering here (simply with your email) you will immediately be entitled to a 10 euro voucher with which to start making your bets. To access a product auction, just bet 1 cent so with the 10 euro bonus you can immediately access 1000 different products that you are interested in.

The catalog of awards is very vast and fully satisfies everyone’s needs and tastes: TVs, PCs, tablets, appliances, Amazon vouchers, IKEA, ERG, smartphones and even cars.

The shipping of the items won is very fast and is guaranteed in just 48 hours. What happens if you don’t win an auction? Virtually nothing, because thanks to the 0 Risks of Buy It Now offered by Bidoo you can still receive the product you want at a competitive price and get back all the bets you’ve made.

# 3 – High difficulty: Social Trading
It is the most complex solution of what we will see in this guide because it requires from you a higher preparation than the initial methods.

Online trading is a very thriving market that, thanks to the web, allows many people to earn significant amounts. The problem is its difficulty: to buy stocks, currencies, raw materials or cryptocurrencies you have to develop knowledge that requires a lot of study and a lot of practice.

If you are fascinated by the industry, I recommend an extremely advantageous way to get started for those who are beginners: have you ever heard of social trading ?

Platforms such as eToro , the world leader in social trading , allow non-professional investors to get in touch with the most experienced and exchange information. With eToro, in fact, you can access information from professionals in the sector: they achieve good results, and you too, inspired by their investment strategies.

Operation is simple, I’ll explain it briefly: just sign up for the platform and make a minimum deposit (starting with just $ 200 ).

Once you become part of the community you can choose the top traders, called Popular Investors, to inspire you: you need to follow their winning strategies to learn how the sector you want to work in, I advise you to study independently anyway from have a more complete picture and, above all, make yourself independent in the long run.

The Popular Investor can be identified in two ways:

Profits – Choose who has made the most money, selecting among those who have obtained even + 20% in a year : it is the most risky solution because the rule “high earnings = high risks” is always valid ;
Risk – On the contrary, you can choose popular investors who risk less (the risk is explained very intuitively) and limit your exposure with more conservative operations.

If you are interested in trading and have a limited budget, eToro is the best solution because you can start with a very low amount and you can access a lot of free information that the platform shares through newsletters and daily updates.

Furthermore, you have the fundamental advantage if you are inexperienced: you can choose the professional and his winning strategy , this does not eliminate the risks but at least reduces them and allows you to learn together with the study that you must always start.

# 4 – Low difficulty: reduce debts with banks and Equitalia

Debts are one of the greatest limits to our freedom, yet there are many Italians who find themselves owed money to banks , finance companies or Equitalia , so much so that they need to find some solution to increase their economic income and be able to meet their expenses. .

If you have been reading My Business for some time, you will know that I am against, when possible, turning on loans, precisely because they become a ballast to drag on.

Precisely for this reason I have inquired and I have found a solution that can help you drastically reduce your debts . Remember:


To do this you need to rely on a team of debt experts who work every day to deal with tax and banking bureaucracy, helping those who, like you, want to cut their debts.

Many Italians have already taken advantage of the advantageous debt relief procedures developed by the law, thanks to the advice of chartered accountants, tax lawyers and labor consultants specialized in the subject.

Before you even look for other ways to make money, I advise you to start cutting unnecessary expenses where possible. Getting out of debt can be an extraordinary first opportunity .

# 6 – Medium-high difficulty: starting an online business

It is a very generic concept in which everything can enter. I don’t want to bore you here because I would run the risk of not being exhaustive enough, I will just tell you that I place

this activity among those with a medium-high difficulty because it involves investment of time to devote to training to be associated to a possible economic investment, also minimal.

I am attaching a series of resources in which the problem is dealt with analytically:




. Definitive Guide to Make Money Online Seriously
. How to make money with a blog
. How to Sell Online and Make Money
. How to sell on Amazon
. How and What to Sell on eBay
. How to make money with affiliations
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oney with the sale of Web Domains

. How to Open an Online Store
. How to make money with Facebook
# 7 – Medium-low difficulty: Data entry

Slightly more complex perspective than the previous one because it requires a minimum of extra effort: in an age like the current data-based one, it has become fundamental to make use of specialized figures in their management.

To learn more, you can read the article on data entry .

In this article I have given you the conceptual premises to earn without investing and I have shown you 6 methods with an increasing level of difficulty.

I recommend that you read in depth the resources I have linked to you because you will find extraordinary content and fundamental insights to take your life in hand and take care of your business to the great.

Good luck!


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