Make huge money online without investment in 2018 and 2019


Make huge money online without investment, if you want this then you can do the following things to earn it online by just sitting home or at work.

1) Publish your own Kindle Books.

place to earn some bugs for your work, use the amazon direct publishing platform, blogger Thomas Strock, who made $6,716.05 in one month alone from all his Kindle books can also help you to Make huge money online without investment.

2) Set up a website and go for google Adsense.

Setting up a website nowadays is very easy after you do so sign up for Adsense which will help you to earn PPC which is pay per click, the people who will visit your website will click on google ads and you will earn money but this needs a bit of hard work.

3) Youtube make money via video ads.

Upload interesting videos and original content to set monetization for your content this will help you Make huge money online without investment while you even sleeping.

4) Itunes app store

Do you have any idea for making an app then do apply that idea don’t keep it was a dream develop your app and sell your app on the store and google store to Make huge money online without investment.

5) Up work

this is a site where every freelancer registered themselves and then upload on what they can work the best online, there will be jobs posted where you have to just apply for it and do it for them like customer service, web design etc.

6) Ebay selling

Do you have much old stuff around your house or is there waste around your neighbour which they think is not worth of then take all that and sell it on eBay, because each and everything is a sell there, few cents and few dollars will make you Make huge money online without investment.

7) fiverr – make money if you have talent

If you scroll through the most popular sellers on, you’ll note that they make money by offering everything from voiceover work to Photoshop skills.

8) istockphotos

Are you a good photographer then you can sell your photo’s online buy just using this website your photos and videos can also help you Make huge money online without investment.

9) Instagram.

Nowadays there is a huge trend where people are transforming their photos to prints, These days, photographers like Daniel Arnold have learned that he can make $15,000 in one day from the site.

10) Start a blog

This is where you have to have knowledge about what the SEO is nowadays how to manage a site and how to move ahead with a blog post, if you are posting noninformative content then no one will read or share it, content should be in brief and informative this can help you Make huge money online without investment because even one blog posts go viral and it’s good you have it all then.

11) SiteSell

Lisa Irby has made more than $100,000 per year by teaching others for years how to start their own websites – either using WordPress or a SiteSell service that she loves. Follow her down-to-earth blog for tips and instructions on getting started.

12) Amazon associates.

Place amazon products and links from which people may click and buy stuff from amazon and you can earn commission from the total amount of things they buy.


recommend products and services to readers, if they approve you for participation in their programs, you can make money when customers buy products via your links.

14) Udemy

Do you love to teach people then this website is the right choice for you to earn somewhere around 2000$ a month.

15) oDesk

This is a website where people are looking for virtual assistance and ready to pay you according to the skills you have. there are many jobs listed there you can select your own to Make huge money online without investment.

16) Teespring

A brand new way of selling t-shirts has arrived online, and sites like Teespring allow users to sell shirts that are of a great quality and don’t get created until there are enough buyers interested in the product, sort of like a shirt-on-demand business.

17) Flippa.

This is the best website which you can use to sell and buy domains and even websites if you have some interesting domains and sites with you then sell that off for money.


This platform is for blogger and website owner where they have to monetize their content recommendations and you can earn via PPC model.

We hope you love the ways we share from which you can Make huge money online without investment.


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