How To Earn Money With Your Images


We all know that we can earn money from text links (in-text advertising) and videos (in-video advertising) but do you know that we can earn money from our images too and I am not talking about earning money by uploading your Images to Image sharing sites or stock photo sites but earning money just by displaying Images on your own Blog or site. Cool isn’t it?

Yes! You can now earn money, just by displaying Images on your own sites. The only thing you have to do is to sign up for an In-Image Advertising network and then add their Javascript code or plugin in your blog/site. After you add the code, these network will start displaying small advert at the bottom of your images. These adverts only appear if you hover your mouse around the advert space so it won’t disturb the visual appeal of the images.

Many Image focused sites like Entertainment sites, movie news, celebrity fansites, Wallpaper sites use these platform to earn a lot of revenue. Maybe you could too.
List of In-Image Advertising Networks

Currently there are very less In-Text advertising networks but we hope pretty soon in the future that more and more companies are going to take advantage of this unexplored niche.

1)Image Space Media
Image Space Media was the first company that experimented this niche.Image Space Media (formerly PicAd Media) is a TechCrunch50 demopit company and is the most popular in this niche

Image Space Media pay you for displaying their In-Image Advertising in your Website’s Images. They have a highly intuitive dashboard called the PubStop platform. This platform allows publishers to value which of their images are yielding higher earnings so they can place content in the places that earn the highest click-through-rates (CTRs).

The dashboard features section through which you can view the ad impressions, earning, CTRs and eCPMs (much like Google Adsense).

Currently Image Space Media Offers only text Adverts but plan too launch adverts in other medias soon. Image Space Media also offers a plugin for WordPress Users so that they do not have to insert codes and all. Also payments are sent through Paypal

Just have a look at an Example of Image Space Media Ad:

The box appearing at the bottom is an ad on this particular Image .

To SignUp Go here:

Image Share Media Program

GumGum was first started in 2008 as an technology to track photos so that the photo owners could generate royalty revenue from the people who published/use the photos on their web sites. Just a few days back they completely transitioned to in-image ads. The company had stated testing in-image advertising a few months back and now it is live.

Even though the dashboard of this network does not have many options and shows the Earnings and Impressions report.

This advertising network overlays small banners on your Images.You just need to add a small Javascript code on your site to start earning and Payments are made via Paypal. See below for an example of the advert

The Small “Dear John” Ad is a Gum Gum Advert

3) Embed Anything
While this platform is not a fully In-Image Advertising Network but this Company does use the in-image advertising framework to help you earn money.

Embed Anything‘s basic idea seems to be somewhat similar to what GumGum had implemented when It first launched. The idea that to help picture owners profit off whenever somebody uses their images.

The startup’s technology allows you to add an embed button (only displays when you move over it) on your images ( as well as on articles ) in your website so that anyone can grab a image code and use it in their web pages. Once the image is embedded, an overlay image will start displaying along with a link back to the source.

The network allows the publishers to choose what advertisement they want to display in that adspace. The publisher can use any Ad networks like AdSense, AdBrite etc. For 50 impressions the publishers ad will be displayed and for other 50 the network will display their own Adsense ads (50-50 split revenue sharing). The network offers you a dashboard where you can check how many impressions your image has got, where the Image has been embedded and also allows you to delete unwanted embeds.

Embed Anything also offers you a WordPress Plugin which you can use in your WordPress Blog. For other sites, you need to add a small Javascript code. Check out an example of the Advert.

And Ya! I forgot to mention. This type of adverts have more CTR than even Adsense Ads.

Pixazza’s unique advantage is its crowdsourcing platform, which uses experts to identify, tag and match products found within online images.

Rather than rely exclusively on technology to drive product gathering and matching, Pixazza’s platform harnesses the taste, judgment and insights of experts around the world. The combination of product experts and computer algorithms allow Pixazza to dynamically create and deliver the optimal content related to each image.

Consumers simply mouse over an image posted on their favorite website and information appears to provide more detail or enable a purchase. With a move of their mouse, consumers can get the look, the details and information about what is inside an image.

5) pixWISE
pixWISE helps Site Publishers optimize revenue generation across your Web properties. Embed the pixWISE code in your web site or application to immediately start enjoying new revenue streams when users interact with your photos. The contextual, location- and demographics-based in-image advertising delivery guarantees relevance and real value for your users.

Contextual keyword-based algorithm dynamically analyses the images on your site to serve relevant advertising
Minimum image dimension settings and tagging give you granular control over where ads should appear
Choose aggressive (ads appear dynamically) or passive (ads appear on user action) revenue generation options
Self-service payments via PayPal when your earnings reach US$100
Web-based reporting and analytics interface allows you to optimize revenue generation
Earn 80% of revenue from ads served on your website. Serve your own Google Ad Sense or other ads and earn 100% of revenue when pixWISE can’t deliver.
Supports standard IAB advertising formats for image and text ads.

AdsInImages technology scans the content on affiliated sites, identifies and displays images related banners above them in the form of overlay or base.

Payout Details
1) Image Space Media: Payouts are done once your account reaches 25$, you can receive payment through check or Paypal.

2) GumGum: Payouts are done monthly but no payout limits has been mentioned. Pays through Paypal.

3) Embed Anything: You do not have to worry about payout for this because you will be using your own Advertising Network (Adsense, Adbrite) and they will just display your ads.

4) Pixazza: Pixazza calculates a publisher’s earnings for each site they have enabled at the end of every month. If a site reaches its minimum monthly payment amount, Pixazza will issue a payment by the end of the following month. For example, January’s earnings will be paid to a publisher by the end of February.A publisher can configure their own minimum monthly payment amount for each site they have enabled. By default, this value is set to $10 but can be changed by the publisher to a value up to $500. Payment via Paypal or check

5) pixWise: Self-service payments via PayPal when your earnings reach US$100

6) Adsinimages: Payment are sent out due 30 days from the last day of eacg month via Paypal or Bank transfer. If you have chosen Paypal as the payment form, there is no minimum. If you selected a bank transfer transaction as the payment form, the minimum is USD 200

You were asking me the best among these three. It will depend on what kind of site do you have. If you have a celebrity or a Movie related site then GumGum is the one for you. For others I would recommend ImageSpace Media. I cannot comment on the CTR of these sites because these networks are comparatively new and have been introduced only a few months back. Gum Gum was released only a week back so we have not have enough time to check the CTR rates.


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