Earn money working as a freelance online


A freelance worker (also known as a self-employed worker, free worker, or self-employed worker) is a person (professional or not) who individually exercises a profession, trade or art, and who provides his services to third parties without a labor dependency relationship. in the middle.

Common examples of freelancers are doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, designers, architects, journalists, artists, models, electricians, etc.

In the case of a freelancer who works on the Internet, he provides his services to third parties through the Internet and other means of communication, from an office installed in his home or in another place different from the place where the client is located.

Due to the increasing use of the Internet as well as the advances in information technology, freelancers working on the Internet are increasingly required; there are even more and more sites that function as directories of freelancers that serve as intermediaries between them and customers.

This added to the fact that companies increasingly look for freenlacers (due to the possibility of reducing personnel costs and not having to hire them permanently), working as a freelance on the Internet is presented as a good business opportunity.

In addition, working as a freelance on the Internet allows us to work from the comfort of our home, allows us to work with any client anywhere in the world, gives us flexibility in our schedules, and allows us to work with several companies or clients simultaneously.

So if you have a profession or are simply an expert in an activity, you could consider this alternative as a business idea.

Let’s look at some examples of freelancers jobs that we could do online:

  • Virtual advisor : we could offer advice on financial, legal, business management, etc .; The simple advice could be free, the most complex one could have a small cost, and for the one that needs to be treated physically, we could ask the clients to visit our home office.
  • Writer : we could offer the service of writing articles on the Internet, for example, in portals, virtual magazines, blogs, etc., earning money according to the amount of articles we write.
  • Assistant or virtual secretary : where we would provide the services of an administrative assistant or a traditional secretary, for example, call reception, agenda management, document writing, etc.
  • Designer : we could offer the services of graphic design, web page design, logo design, brochures, cards, etc.
  • Internet Marketing : we could offer search engine optimization services, online advertising campaigns, social media marketing, etc.
  • Document writing : we could offer translation services, abstracts, monographs, thesis, etc.


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