Different ways to make a money online, while staying at home


The present scenario in the global market allows any person with internet access to rack up a decent amount of money via the internet.

So if you ever were interested to take a crack at this option, then now is a great time. People are known to earn from $150 to $600 a month via the internet, on investment necessary.

Some people out there are even known to earn $1000 a month.

Now the money does come down to the time you can invest and what skills you have (of course it is not free cash, you got to work!!!), but still 2 hours daily can easily earn you $100 per month at least.

Now I know you are all worked up to know how to get that cash on your hand. So here are 7 different ways to make money online working from home:

Getting paid for reading ads
All you need to do is sign up PTC(paid to click)-Sites and you will get ad links on your account dashboard, on a regular basis.

Mere acts of clicking and reading them will earn you cash. Granted this is not an option as an actual job substitute, but if you give 10-20 mins per day to this, you will earn enough to pay off your bills.

Online survey jobs
Just like the above option, you need to get signed up with some online survey sites. There too you will receive surveys via email. Completing them will earn you money.

Now this is a bit more time consuming and pays a bit more than the previous option. Do keep an emphasis on the word “bit”.

Blogging from home
If you don’t have a blog then you belong to the internet stone ages.

Depending on the content of your blog you should get traffic. Better and attractive content will rack in more traffic.

Now all you need to do is putt ads in your blog with ad networks like Google AdSense and you get paid for each and every click on the ads in your blog.

Provided the income is subjected to the quality of your blog’s content but income level is also unrestrained.

Affiliate jobs
An affiliate job is a simple task of promoting products of popular sites like Amazon, Ebay etc.

You need to join affiliate programs of these websites and promote their products through your affiliate links. You will get paid for each and every sale generated through your promotions.

If you have skills like writing, online promotion, web design, coding, singing, advising, creating videos, photography, image editing etc then you can be an online freelancer.

Content writer
If you have a knack for writing then this is your job. If you have good writing skills then you can easily make a living online through this method.


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