10 ideas to make money easy and fast


Today many of us want to get extra money to help us cover our expenses or pay our debts, which allows us to face any unforeseen or inconvenient that forces us to spend money that we had not budgeted for and, in some cases, to help us “reach the end of the month.”

That is why this time we present a list consisting of 10 ideas to make money easily and quickly , which will help you in a few days money is entering your pocket, and almost without you noticing:

1. Create online courses
If you are an expert in any subject, some trade or some art, you can teach it through the Internet and earn money for it. You only need a good video camera, an editor, create a video course, and publish it on platforms such as Tutellus and Udemy , which allow us to promote and sell a course for free.

If you are able to create a good course, people will buy it over time and it will become a passive income that could last you a lifetime. You just have to keep in mind that the platform will keep a percentage of what the course costs, but you will win another one and as an advantage you will not have to pay for accommodation for the course, nor invest in its promotion.

2. Fill out online surveys
There are many websites that pay people to answer surveys or questions online. Some offer money in exchange for filling out the surveys, while others offer a promotion, product or gift instead of cash, so you should find out what the page offers before signing up for it.

This idea to make money easy and fast allows you to generate an economic amount every month that can be useful to cover some of your expenses or pay some of your debts. Some of the best known websites for filling out surveys and in which you can register right now are MySurvey , Toluna , Global Test Market and Opine and Gane .

3. Dropshipping
More and more people are selling products online without having stock in their homes. They simply advertise a product on their websites or online stores and when a customer makes an order the company providing the product is responsible for sending it and carrying out the entire sales process. In exchange, they get a percentage of the sale.

To start with dropshipping, you must first determine the product to be sold, for which you might ask yourself: what would you like to offer people? What are the products with which you feel most identified? What products do you consider Today they are the most profitable ?, Then look for a supplier of this product that offers this business model, and then create a website or online store where you can sell it.

4. Make crafts
Do you love crafts? Do you know how to make clothing? Are you good at making wooden toys for children? Now the Internet makes it easier than ever. The crafts have become fashionable since more and more people decide to opt for the traditional. So today could be the ideal time to make this business a reality.

To start you can simply create an online store on Facebook through a company or brand page, and then it is only a matter of promoting your online store a little so that people know that you make and sell crafts, and wait for the Buy, either for themselves or to give them to other people.

5. Sell what you no longer use
If you are tired of seeing your home full of things you don’t use, and you need money, then make a second-hand sale. Take pictures of everything you want to sell: clothes, accessories, furniture, books, machines, kitchen utensils, and then sign up for mobile applications or websites such as LetGo , YuMe , eBay and MercadoLibre , and wait for people to buy you .

Remember, it is an idea to make money easy and fast that will help you at any time, since it is very practical and works very intuitively on all platforms. In addition, it is great because it helps you free up space in your home. Whenever you need to renew or change your stay, or go to move, opt for this option.

6. Take care of the children of your friends or neighbors
You like children? If the answer is yes, then this is the ideal job for you. On weekends or at night, you can take care of children who need it. You can choose the ages of the children and also offer private lessons. Most parents want their children to be cared for and at the same time learn something. So if you opt for this option you may get work almost immediately.

Talk to your neighbors, family, friends and acquaintances. Surely more than one will be delighted that you take care of your children for a weekend so you can be alone with your partners or have some free time. In addition, there are websites that allow you to get this job easily and quickly such as Kangaroo at home and Nidmi .

7. Participate in social experiments
Social experiments are very basic psychological tests. For example, you will have to press a computer key when the color green appears on the screen or remember the faces of different people. It is a simple way to get extra income.

These experiments are carried out mainly in universities, in the faculty of psychology or teaching. However, you can check the bulletin board of nearby centers in your locality where you will most likely find a call that you can attend, without having to travel long distances.

8. Offers services over the Internet
Another idea to earn easy and fast money that you can consider, if you have any skill or skill, is to offer some kind of service through the Internet. For example, if you are good at writing articles, in graphic design, or in translating documents, it is simply a matter of offering and performing your services by this means.

If you opt for this option there are several platforms that will help you get customers. Some of these are Workana , Upwork , Freelancer and Fiverr . In these jobs are published daily throughout the time slot of each of the countries, so you will always have new job offers waiting for you.

9. Rent a room in your house
If you have a room in your house that you do not use, offer it for rent through Airbnb , which is a platform that connects travelers from all over the world to help them find an economical and comfortable stay.

You can choose to rent your room the months you go on vacation, when you visit your family in the city or town, and during periods when you work outside. It is a great way to make your home profitable and get extra money quickly. You can even visit your parents or siblings over the weekend and rent your home.

10. Sell photographs and images
Are you a good photographer? Do you like taking pictures and are you always with the camera? Then you should know that there are banks of images that will be happy to sell your photographs. You just need to have a good eye, capture the right moment or take the indicated photo, and make a good final touch-up.

Image platforms work very easily. You sign up for one of these, upload your image and, if someone wants to download it, they must pay for it. Then, from the money charged, the platform keeps one part and gives you the other. Some known platforms to sell photographs and images and that you can consider to start selling yours are Fotolia , Shutterstock and iStockphoto .


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