Earn money selling products at auction sites


Auction sites are websites that bring together a large number of buyers and sellers that market a wide variety of products, whether new or used, and where sales are given through the auction method or through immediate purchases.

Nowadays many people earn a lot of money by selling products on auction sites and, even, many people have their own virtual catalogs on these sites, and live exclusively from this business model.

These auction sites give us the possibility to promote and sell our products, generally, in exchange for a small commission that they charge us at the time of making a sale, although in some cases they charge us a fee to publish our advertisement.

One of the main advantages of auction sites, in addition to providing us with the possibility of is that in order to sell our products we do not need to have our own website, nor more knowledge in web design.

Another advantage is that they give us the possibility of creating our own virtual catalog, as if it were a virtual store; generally, in exchange for a minimum payment, or after having met certain sales requirements.

Whether you want to sell some antiquity you have at home, earn extra money selling some products, dedicate yourself to the business of buying and selling products on these sites, or boost sales of your physical business, here is a brief summary about how to make money selling products on auction sites.

To begin it is necessary to determine the product that we are going to sell; In case we still do not have a product, to determine which product to sell, we can be guided by the lists of best-selling products that these sites usually have.

Some of the most recurring products are digital cameras, cell phones, clothing, technological accessories, video games, crafts, etc.

Once we have determined the products that we are going to sell, we will determine the auction site where we are going to sell them; The best-known auction sites .

Once the auction site has been chosen, we will register on it and publish the advertisement through which we will offer our product; To design a good ad we can be guided by competitors’ ads, but always trying to make a better one.

The general steps to design an ad are:

  • choose category and sub category : the category and sub category where our product will be classified; The more precise our choice, the greater the chances that potential customers will find us when doing a search on the site.
  • write the title : the title must clearly specify what the product consists of.
  • determine type of product : if it is used or new.
  • determine quantity : units of the product that we have available to sell.
  • determine type of sale : if it will be a sale through auction or immediate purchase; if it is an auction, we set a deadline for consumers to bid for a price, and at the end of the term we choose the best offer; If we choose immediate purchase, we set a fixed price so that consumers can buy the product immediately.
  • determine price : to determine the price it is advisable to guide us on the prices of other similar products that exist on the site.
  • Upload images : An important aspect to be able to sell is that our products have quality images, which clearly show the product, and are the same images of the product and not similar products.
  • make a description of the product : another important aspect that can determine a sale is the description of the product, which must be clear, concise, complete and highlight the main features or attributes of the product.
  • establish payment methods : the forms or means through which buyers can pay us, for example, via credit card, via PayPal, money order, deposit or bank transfer, cash, etc .; It is advisable to offer more than one form of payment.
  • establish shipping methods : the forms or means through which we offer to deliver or send the products, for example, via courier services, via postal mail, personal delivery, etc .; It is advisable to offer more than one way of shipping or delivery.

After publishing our ad, it is usual for interested parties to ask us questions about the product before deciding to offer or buy it; In this case, we must try to answer all the questions that we are asked, in a kind, respectful, complete and trying to answer them as soon as possible.

And then, once a bidder has been chosen or a buyer has been obtained, we will get in touch with him as soon as possible (either by phone or via email), and agree well on aspects such as the payment method, the form of delivery and the collection of the product.

Something to keep in mind is that these auction sites usually have rating systems that allow buyers to rate sellers and comment on how the seller proceeded at the time of the transaction.

These ratings and comments are permanently engraved in our profile, thus building our reputation as a seller, which largely determines that other consumers decide to buy us.

Reason why we must take good care of our reputation, having impeccable behavior as sellers, not only at the time of the sale, but also before and after it, which implies politely answering all the questions or queries they ask us, having a Respectful treatment with the buyer, specify the transaction as soon as possible, be willing to resolve any problems that may arise during the sale, deliver the product in the agreed conditions, keep in touch with the customer after the sale, etc.


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