How to make money online to work from home and earn money online seriously?


The Internet could answer this question. There are many ways and ideas that the network suggests to those who are tired of their work, to those who want to change their lifestyle.

Whether you want a part-time job to integrate yours or you want an income forever , the strategies are many and can be applied for a total change of your life.

Working as a freelancer online is one of the ways to make money from the net, from the comfort of your home: to supplement your salary or full-time.

In this case you have the freedom to organize the work as and when you want. Online freelance work is becoming one of the most popular, because there are many on the net and you certainly don’t lack ideas to make money from home .

But how to make money online and work from home honestly and quickly?
Meanwhile, visit the websites that offer freelance jobs such as Upwork or Freelencer ; generally there are no big gains but it is a way to start and understand how it works.

On these sites you can also realize which jobs are the most sought after and see what’s right for you. Information, remember it’s all. With a little patience you can manage to take a couple of jobs and then you can also try to take off as a freelancer in that sector, perhaps with a website where you can show your work and find customers on your own.

Sending e-mails to sites that deal with your field where entering your name as a professional can open up many opportunities for you.

Ideas to make money online right away: which job to do as a freelance?

Now the time has come for me to get to the heart of things and find out what are the 103 best ideas to make money online seriously and above all directly from your comfortable sofa at home!

Obviously the ones I suggest to you are ways to make money in some cases very quickly, while in others you’ll have to put in a lot more effort and dedication.

Precisely for this reason I want to tell you right away that there are no magic systems that will make you become a millionaire in one night , but I can guarantee you that by following some of my indications and above all by working constantly even applying some of these strategies, you can certainly start earn online seriously and be able to round up your salary even considerably.

1. Write for Blogs
There are really many blogs that need content; website owners look for those who produce good quality content regularly for their pages.

The fees vary, of course, and depend on the length, quality and subject matter. The advice is to choose a niche topic, which you hear about and consult sites like Texbroker or Problogger or Craigslist to be able to start immediately with your first works .

2. Copywriting
Writing for websites is another great option for freelancers. The copywriter writes texts for websites, press releases, offline promotional material including flyers and brochures and any other professional text for companies.

It can be a good way to earn even more continuously: advertising and marketing campaigns are often done with a certain continuity over time.

3. Virtual Assistant
Everyone needs help to do the daily administrative work in the company: small or large, the company needs assistants and it is not uncommon for them to search for them remotely.

Billing, archiving, travel organization, refund management, etc. These are all functions that can be performed remotely and therefore it is also possible to find work in this sense.

4. Write industry articles
If you have a specialization, a field in which you are particularly good, write articles on that specific field, it could be your luck.

It is not uncommon to find ads to search for specific professional figures to draft documents and / or articles. It could be an opportunity for you. And unlike previous systems this is far more paid.

5. Editing
Read quickly? Are you a perfect connoisseur of grammar and syntax? Do you have an excellent command of language? editing is the one for you. As a freelancer there are many offers on the net and also considers that it is a job that is paid by word. Search the classifieds or send emails to companies that you think may need your services.

6. Website design
If you are able to create websites and you are a design connoisseur, you can dedicate yourself to the profession of web designer. Certainly it will not be a job with immediate results: it will take publicity and some time to let you know, but it could be a very profitable profession.

The web design work is obviously a project work, but you can always also offer the site maintenance service to have a regular entry.

7. Landing page design
A spin-off for web designers is the creation of landing pages. The creation and optimization of landing pages is very requested by companies because they are distinctive and unique. In times of crisis, standing out can make the difference for companies and to do so they are willing to pay.

Making a perfect landing page is not easy, but if you can make it you will see the gains. There are online software that can help you in this work: MakeViral , ClickFunnels , Optinmonster , Sumo .

8. Graphic design
There are many freelance opportunities for graphic designers who are looking to make money online from home. The design of layouts and graphics for promotional material, company reports, magazines or book covers, are all activities that companies are looking for online freelancers to be entrusted with. Due to its flexible nature, graphic design possibilities can range from one-off projects to ongoing work with regular customers.

9. Create logos
Every company considers the Logo an important part of its brand. If you are a good graphic designer, you may have found your perfect job.

It is one of the most requested services. Remember that on the web there are also logo generators that you can use for free and from which you can take inspiration for your work such as: , , . There are already cases of success online like this site where you can buy logos at affordable prices .

10. Produce infographic
Infographic (“information design”) is the current trend. A marketing technique that uses more than images, graphics or text, even if the two are integrated with each other.

Many companies prefer this tool to advertise their brand and their characteristics. Also highly sought after by website owners who prefer original productions. On the net you can find free design software like Canva that can give you a hand.


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