Make money online without Invest


How to make money online to make money? I believe that most people’s mobile phones will have several software for reading news and some tools for social chat. These things not only make our leisure time rich and colorful, but also allow us to understand the world through him, understand the dynamics of society, and most importantly, some social chat tools, and bring some economics to some people. income. For example, social chat software is one of them. We must know that in most of the chat tools, we are free to make comments, whether it is to comment on a person’s words, or to express their own opinions on something. You are paying your time for all these but you can earn from it without investing money.

Like I often publish my opinions on certain things in some forums. My favorite thing to visit is know the forum and Baidu forum, and all kinds of stickers, because there will be many like-minded friends here. The opinion on something may be the same as you. Later, after a long time, I discovered that when I visited these forums or post it, I could not only know more things, understand the latest developments in this society, but also get the manuscript fee by publishing articles and earn a living expenses for one day. .

Of course, many people may ask, how can we make money online to post ? In fact, it is very simple. First of all, we all know that in any forum or post bar, if you want to make a speech, you must register on this platform and become a member of the platform. You can only make comments after you have an account. The specific steps are very simple to take, Baidu Forum or Baidu Post Bar to give an example. First of all, we have to register a Baidu forum account. Of course, since the account of Baidu Forum can be bound with Alipay or WeChat, you can directly bind if you are trouble registering.

Become a member of the platform, and once you have an account, you can post articles or make comments on this platform. Most platforms, no matter which post or forum, will provide a certain amount of reward for the author of the article, which is the so-called posting to make money. If the articles you publish have a lot of attention and the number of people reading them is very high, the gains made there will be even more lucrative. In addition, I suggest that you choose a more formal forum or post it, and publish the article. You should know that the number of active people in these platforms or forums is the largest.


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