What does it take for a good offshore outsourcing?


Offshore outsourcing business processes has been an increasingly popular trend in recent years. Many companies can achieve many savings and improve quality by improving internal processes, but for companies that choose to go ahead and send business processes offshore, their chances of success can be improved by avoiding risky situations, always vigilant for the danger signs of a bad project. With effective ‘security mechanisms’, offshore practices should benefit a business rather than expose it to loss of intellectual property, unexpected costs, headaches and other problems.

Take for example Corsair . In a recent interview, Corsair sales director Astrid Nadolni said:

“We are working with Maurice’s tele-investigators”. Corsair needed to quickly collect data from its customers in order to reposition its loyalty program. In about ten days, a Call Center in Mauritius conducted a telephone survey of our customers in the Caribbean and in one city.
The advantage is that the call center in Mauritius has good computer equipment. And accurate reports were sent every two days as excel files by e-mail. The work cost about 5,500 euros. The airline has 1800 employees and its turnover is about 472 million euros. ”
According to the sales manager working with Mauritius, the company has gained 50% in time and money.

Offshore outsourcing can prove to be very beneficial. Here are some offshore outsourcing pitfalls that you must avoid in order to achieve a higher success rate
• Before any research work, identify your specific needs
• Outsource without measures.
• Do not trust yourself quickly
• Make sure confidentiality is maintained
• Ignore communication

In conclusion, the cost advantages of offshore outsourcing can not be denied. Risks, however, are important and must be carefully considered.


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