The level of branding has taken a step forward. Have you ever imagined that cat and identity videos could be beneficial for branding? There is something about a cat that is wreaking havoc in a video that catches our attention, sticks to a screen, gives us crazy laughs and before without realizing it, we share with all our friends and the family.

Whether we like it or not, there are many people who spend their time watching cat videos. Even people who are allergic to cats are watching videos of cats used for branding purposes. A recent example of a cat video that makes a buzz is the ‘ Christmas Calamity of Mog’ announcement from Sainsbury. But this ad campaign can not be classified as an ordinary cat video you will find on the internet. The ad takes you on the way to Mog, the cat, and the dangers of awakening Mog in fear of a nightmare before Christmas and destroying the family home. However, through the good spirit of sharing neighborhood of the family can celebrate Christmas again.

The ad is proving to be popular, currently it has been seen 18.1 million times on YouTube and Sainsbury has sold its Mog cat toy to the disappointment of many children. From a branding point of view, it does what all good brands should do to promote their values ​​on what they believe. It also tells a story and takes you on an entertaining adventure. The perils of Mog make you feel what the Christmas spirit should be about sharing.

He became so popular that Aldi made a parody of it, where a very similar looking old man on the moon compares the prices of two telescopes between John Lewis and Aldi. The first time I watched this ad, I first started laughing and found it very amusing. Only released last week, it has so far had 1.8 million views on YouTube.

These campaigns are wonderful from the point of view of branding and their audience figures are proof. They tell us a story, make us laugh and cry, but the best of all promotion values ​​for people helping


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