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This guide is aimed at those who intend to open a news site or a real online newspaper, but do not know how. Through simple steps I will lead you to the creation of an online newspaper. The first question to ask, however, is this: why do I want to open a news site? If the answer is “to make money” forget it! Do not be fooled by those who tell you or write on the various blogs (it is full on the web) that making money with a website or an online newspaper is very easy. Those who tell you just want to take you to click on their article and maybe convince you to follow their blog.

If you have occasion to do anything else, do it! If, on the other hand, journalism is your passion and you want to make a profit from this passion of yours, and you have time, desire and passion to invest, then opening an online newspaper can be a right choice. But you have to realize that it will not be absolutely easy and fast to make money with your news site. You will have to start thinking only and exclusively about working hard without thinking about the gain, and if everything is done well, the gain over time could come.

Newspaper is the best WordPress premium theme specially for newspaper or blog publication. It has the most powerful theme panel which is very easy to configure a new website. You can buy this theme from themeforest but if you want to try with a Free GPL license you may Download the latest version of Newspaper theme from themeforest.


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