Dope Test in Chittagong


Dope test is performed by urine as a drug test. It analyze urine to find presence of some illegal drugs. Now dope/drug test is mandatory in Bangladesh for Driving license, Govt. and private job, university admission and many other cases. Not all pathological laboratory is authorized to perform this test. Bangladesh Govt. and Ministry of health or foreign welfare department approved centre can provide this test and certify. Its very important that the test report will have a verification system to check the authenticity of the report. This may have a QR code to scan and verify the report from the authorized centre website.

You may get this service from Chittagong Medical College Hospital. As this is govt. provided service you can get this service in low cost. Chittagong Medical College Hospital provides dope test only for 900 Bangladeshi Taka. As govt. provide most of the cost this is cheaper.

If you want to get this service within a day you can choose a private centre for this test.

List of authorized private centre for Dope test.

Call (WhatsApp) us to get help for Dope Test: +88-01711014449



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