Orange peel uses in cleaning


When using an orange peeler you always throw the orange peels in the trash can, but these peels have so much utility that you don’t know of.

It would surprise many people that orange peels have various positive uses, particularly in cleaning. In this article, we will show you some great ways to use orange peels.

Orange peel uses in cleaning

Natural sponge

If you have trouble with grease on your kitchen counter or the sink, or leftover oils in your pans, you can use orange peel as a natural sponge to clean them up. The reason is that when not dried, orange peels have some essential oils and substances that help absorb and clean greasy surfaces.

Air freshener

Even though orange peel is very hard to eat due to its bitterness, but it gives out a very nice aroma. You can boil it and set it in the kitchen to freshen up the air. Or another way to use it is to put the dry peels in a paper bag and set them on fire; they will give out a nice smell for your entire house.

Clean garbage disposal

Cleaning the garbage disposal can be a tedious task, but with a simple trick with orange peels, you can get it done in no time. Just simply dice orange peels into small cubes, put them in the disposal and run it with some water until it’s completely clean and leave no smell left.


If you have an orange peeler, after peeling your orange, put a little salt in the peels, then place them in your fridge or in your bathroom to give the space a sweet aroma. You can also place them at the bottom of the garbage can to get rid of some bad scent.

Orange peels also can absorb odors; you can dry them and put them near your shoes rack or socks, it will make them smell much better and fragrant

Make a natural citrus cleaner

The citrus cleaner works best when it comes to disinfecting, or reducing mold and calcium build up. With leftover orange peels, a little vinegar, and boiling water, you can make a simple, eco-friendly, effective citrus cleaner.

How to peel oranges?

Using orange peeler to peel orange
Orange peels lose their smell and texture if they are carelessly cut and removed, so if you want a quick, easy and mess-free way to cut your oranges while keeping the peels to make use of it later, it is best that you use an orange peeler.

An orange peeler is a simple tool you can find in many convenience stores. It is very easy to use, first use the hook on one end to dig into the peels, make 4 even cuts by running the hook from top to bottom of the orange, then use the lever to separate each part from the orange. It’s very easy and convenient to use.

Orange peels are not to be thrown away, they might not be delicious, but they have various uses in cleaning and many more works, be mindful that you should wash, clean and dry them before use.


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