How to get cryptocurrencies totally free


Complete guide for those who want to obtain free digital coins with minimal effort and without investing money.

Life has very few free. However, cryptocurrencies challenge this axiom. Yes, some of the methods described below require something in return. And the word “free” in this case means “not requiring dollars (or other fiat currencies).”

All you need is the Internet.

How to get cryptocurrencies if you already have digital assets

“To make money you have to spend it.” This famous proverb is also applicable in the world of digital money. If you have already spent a few dollars on cryptocurrencies, here are some ways to use it to earn more coins.

1. Use affiliate programs and reference

If you have cryptocurrencies, it is likely that you are registered in an exchange that allows you to buy and operate. Many of these exchanges regularly offer reference programs. You get your friends to register and complete a transaction or two, and the exchange rewards you with a few coins. This is one of the most common and easy ways to get free cryptocurrencies. In addition, the risk of fraud is very low; Just be sure to opt for a secure exchange. Coinbase, for example, has a popular affiliate program.

2. Perform tasks

Depending on your computer skills, getting rewards by performing tasks for different currencies can be one of the most flexible ways to get free cryptocurrencies. If you are able to program, some projects can reward you with tokens if you do jobs for them. Finding errors and vulnerabilities in a dApp or blockchain protocol is a very important job, and the developers of the project will reward you well for it. But even people who do not possess programming skills can earn free coins through rewards. Non-developer-based rewards include activities such as making posts in cryptocurrency forums or social networks or creating another type of online content that helps promote a currency. If you are hunting for some rewards, be sure to visit Bounty0x. As always, research the project to make sure you are not helping unwittingly some scammers.

3. Possess a portfolio that receives airdrops

Of all the ways to get free cryptocurrencies, the easiest is to own a cryptocurrency portfolio that receives airdrops. To enjoy an airdrop you do not have to do anything, just have an account in a cryptocurrency portfolio. In short, free coins in exchange for nothing. How is this possible? Aidrops are nothing more than marketing strategies. These help to publicize the currency and generate enthusiasm among investors. Currency teams will often ask you to be connected to their networks, to their newsletters, to their messaging services and even their social networks. The normal thing is that in order to receive an airdrop you have to order it through one of these means. And the promotions usually last for a limited time. MyEtherWallet is a great example of a cryptocurrency portfolio that offers airdrops, although there are others. Stay informed with the best cryptocurrency information applications to make sure you do not miss the next airdrop.

4. Get free cryptocurrencies through hard forks

The hard forks are similar to the aidrops. Like airdrops, they require you to keep a certain cryptocurrency in an account when the hard fork is produced. However, hard forks are events of great importance in the blockchain. Essentially, they are the beginning of a completely new blockchain protocol that separates from the old system. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are a perfect example. To attract investors with the new system, coin teams often offer free coins for people who make the transition. Claiming these free coins carries some risk, but in general, it is a good idea to claim free coins from a hard fork, even if there is a drop in the value of your original asset.

5. Get free cryptocurrencies with currencies based on the proof-of-stake protocol

Digital money works thanks to the unchanging integrity of blockchain technology. The blockchain works thanks to the ability of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake systems to add and verify transactions in the blockchain. Now we are not going to talk about how it works, but if you own a coin in a blockchain based on proof-of-stake, then you can earn free cryptocurrencies. If you have a coin based on the proof-of-stake protocol, you are essentially helping the blockchain exist, and you will receive coins in exchange for your work. In general, blockchain protocols only reward users who own a significant amount of coins.

However, some will reward you no matter how many coins you have in your possession. Take the example of NEO. If you have NEO in a portfolio or in an exchange, you will get a passive cryptocurrency income based on the amount of NEO you have. However, all coins based on proof-of-stake work quite similarly. You set aside a few coins that the network can use when you need to create a new block. When the network needs to validate a transaction, collect the randomly selected coins from different portfolios, as many as you need. If your coins are chosen, you will receive a portion of the reward from the block. Therefore, the more coins you have, the greater your chances of being elected. This encourages traders to invest and use a new platform regularly.

6. Become a masternode

Running the masternode of a particular currency is just one step below mining, one of the most expensive ways to get free cryptocurrencies. Running a masternode means maintaining a network node or portfolio with a complete, real-time blockchain copy. In this way, masternodes are much more involved and consume more resources than regular nodes. That is the reason why there is an incentive in the form of free coins for anyone who runs a masternode. These are always in contact with the blockchain nodes. They are essential to decentralize the network, help maintain privacy, make instant transactions and manage government mechanisms. The fact, however, is that you need to own a significant amount of a particular currency to be able to run a masternode.

7. Lending coins for negotiation with margin

You may not have enough cryptocurrencies to run a masternode. However, keeping cryptocurrencies in your wallet does not make sense. You can earn money by lending them to other traders. For example, you can issue currencies as loans for margin and margin financing operations and receive a small percentage in return. This is one of the least risky ways to get money with your cryptocurrencies.

8. Invest and negotiate with your coins

The prosperity of a cryptocurrency depends on how often people use it. The higher the prevalence of a currency, the greater its market capitalization and price. Invest and actively exchange your cryptocurrency, and make an important contribution to increasing its value, increasing the value of your own portfolio. In addition to trading income, you will receive a free cryptocurrency simply because of the increase in investments. Ways to get free cryptocurrencies even if you do not have any There are many ways to get free cryptocurrencies even if you do not have any cryptocurrencies. In other words, you can earn free cryptocurrencies without spending money. In some cases, you can get them without practically doing anything. We tell you how.

9. Download a wallet with free coins

This could not be easier, seriously. All you have to do is do it carefully. Typically, portfolio teams, especially newly launched ones, offer free coins for a limited time if you use your portfolio or create a new or additional one. Keep in mind, however, that there are thousands of portfolios. Therefore, be sure to download only the most secure ones. Sometimes, offers of free coins for purses are a scam or a bait to download malware.

10. Take a risk and register in an ICO

The initial offers of currencies, or ICOs, reached their maximum popularity in 2017 amid the boom of cryptocurrencies. But they were plagued by fraud. The proliferation of pump and dump schemes ended up drawing the attention of SEC regulators. However, many ICOs are completely legitimate, and investing in these is very tempting. ICOs sometimes offer bonuses for signing up. However, bonuses, especially those that seem too good to be true, are often a clear sign that the ICO is a fraud. Be very careful.

11. Find cryptocurrency faucets

Since we have touched on the risky ways of getting cryptocurrencies, we are going to talk about the so-called faucets. Basically it’s about getting cryptocurrencies by seeing ads or filling out surveys. Cryptocrane is a regular website full of ads and all kinds of scripts. In many cases, the pages ask you to click on ads and fill out surveys. After completing all the tasks, you can receive your coins. However, this way of getting cryptocurrencies is quite risky.

12. Use dApps that reward you with free cryptocurrencies

Unlike the above, these methods involve investing some time or energy. But a safe free currency is better than a scam. And one of the best ways to get free coins is using dApps that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies. A dApp is a decentralized application built on an existing blockchain. In other words, they take advantage of the decentralized, peer-to-peer and non-trusted nature of the blockchain to perform specific tasks, just like normal applications but without the centralized structure of the server. Different dApps will reward you with cryptocurrencies in exchange for various tasks or services. However, we are not talking about clicking on ads and filling out surveys (although some dApps are surveys, like Kinit). The dApps usually offer more interesting tasks, such as writing a review about a specific currency and sharing it on the network. Other dApps can connect it with airdrops and crowdfunding and with opportunities to work as a freelancer.

13. Earn free cryptocurrencies by saving startup coins

Creating a new cryptocurrency requires a lot of effort, but with the right tools and knowledge, this goal is quite achievable. In this case, the additional computing power always comes in handy. In this sense, crowholding is similar to crowdfunding. You earn free coins by keeping some coins in your wallet that allow a startup to carry out a series of tasks. The more people who participate and invest in a project, the greater the rewards of crowdholding.

14. Help spread the word about a new currency

Advertising always gives money, and helping to spread information about a new project can be an excellent way to earn free coins. Some startups reward users for placing ads in cryptocurrency forums. Another way to earn some coins is to display specific ads. Play games, see ads and get coins just for your time and attention.

15. Receive your salary in cryptocurrencies

Think of receiving your salary in cryptocurrencies instead of in normal money. Self-employed workers and private contractors can also bill their customers in exchange for their goods and services in cryptocurrencies. You can also request prizes / bonuses in cryptocurrencies. Formally, this method of acquiring digital currencies is not free, since you are being paid for your work.

16. Earn bitcoin by shopping online

Some companies are taking advantage of the boom surrounding cryptocurrencies to promote themselves. For example, Chrome and Safari users can install the Lolli extension , which returns up to 30% of their purchases in cryptocurrencies. Lolli informs the user when they access an affiliated store and after the purchase sends the bitcoins to the corresponding wallet.


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