How to cure a muscle contraction


There are several reasons that can lead to a muscle contraction: from lack of heating, to cold. Here’s how to heal this physical injury.

The muscle contracture is a lesion quite common: they may be victims both young and elderly, more or less sporty.

It consists in the involuntary and rather painful shortening of one or more skeletal muscles not only of the legs (the parts of the body generally most affected), but also of the back in the lumbar area , of the shoulder and, although it is more rare, the muscular contracture can also hit the abdomen .

In particular, this trauma consists in the failure to release the muscle fibers in the movement phase: this generates pain both by moving and by touching the area affected by the muscular contracture, which will be particularly turgid to the touch .

Muscle contractures: the causes and symptoms
The causes that can lead to muscle contractures are different . We see, below, the main and best known:

Excessive muscle stress : this happens especially in sports, when for example the muscle is strained too much, perhaps with certain weights to improve its performance (just think of the body building techniques which, if not well performed or emphasized without balance, can lead to serious physical damages);

Cold and poorly trained muscle . A missed or inadequate heating (essential for a correct physical activity) is one of the main causes of muscle contraction and muscle tears .
Climatic factors . It is well known that cold affects blood circulation and, consequently, the adequate vascularization of muscle areas. In the winter months, therefore, if you are not warmed up, it is possible to incur annoying muscle contractures;

Metabolism problems . If you suffer from circular disorders and particular metabolic diseases (such as diabetes and peripheral arteriopathies) you may experience muscle contractures. In fact, the contraction of the muscle is fed by chemical mediators and complex metabolic processes which, if they do not work well, predispose the muscle to the lesions of the fibers that are part of it;
Pregnancy . The excessive weight of the belly, which is not used to it, is the most common cause of lumbar back contracture , as the muscles of this part of the body are forced to work longer for a good few months;

Sudden movements . Even if one’s body is particularly used to movement, it is possible to undergo muscle contraction , when sudden movements are performed, for example to prevent a fragile object from falling to the ground or a person.
How to cure a contracture: precautions and natural remedies

When you are experiencing a muscle contraction , what do you need to do ? First of all we must stop any activity that is taking place. Rest, in fact, is the most suitable and effective treatment there is: usually, when you experience a muscle contraction, it takes from 3 to 7 days to heal completely. If the pain is really unbearable, it is possible to use anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs , which also perform a muscle relaxant action. However, it would always be advisable to consult the primary care physician before taking them, to avoid contraindications. However, there are natural remedies very effective which can speed up the healing process.

A few days after the traumatic event, you could, for example, do some stretching , in order to lengthen the muscles and encourage the flow of blood into the muscles. Even a good decontracting massage , performed by a recognized physiotherapist , is an excellent solution to relieve tension in the muscles.

Other remedies include the application of hot compresses on the damaged area: these treatments, which consist of the application on the skin of bandages, gauzes or cotton cloths soaked in water mixed with essential oils , speed up recovery thanks to the increase in the flow of blood . However, they should be avoided if there is vascular lesions.

Among the aromatic waters most used for this type of problem there are those embellished with the essence of arnica : this aromatic pack is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and revulsive , that is stimulating the microcirculation. However, it is not considered a drug. If the muscle contracture is serious, it is advisable to support this treatment with a possible therapy prescribed by the doctor.


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