Colored contact lenses: what you need to know


Would you like to change the color of your eyes? Make them more light, dark, mysterious? You can do this by using colored contact lenses. Find out how to wear them

Do eyeglass frames bother you and, moreover, have you always dreamed of eyes of a color different from yours? You can “change” it thanks to colored contact lenses , which, however, are not exactly like a hair dye, because they apply to a very delicate part of our body: the eyes. Before you go to buy them, we want to give you some advice on the types that are on the market and how they are used .

What are colored contact lenses?
Colored contact lenses are contact lenses specific for cosmetic use , which are used to change the color of the eyes of the person wearing them. There are different types that we will analyze later, but the most important distinction to make is certainly that between:

non-graduated colored contact lenses . They have only an aesthetic function, they are used to change the color of the eyes and are suitable for those who have no vision problems;
graduated colored contact lenses . In addition to changing the color of the eyes, they also serve to correct visual defects, such as myopia. Therefore they are suitable for those with vision problems and regularly wear daily contact lenses or eyeglasses.

How are they made?
Colored contact lenses with a natural effect are designed to change the color of the iris , the part of the eye that surrounds the pupil, which is composed of ribs with many colored dots, whose shade varies from person to person. Observing them, one realizes that only the external part , the one that overlaps the iris, is colored . The inner part, the one that overlaps the pupil, is transparent, like a normal sight contact lens.

What are the types of colored contact lenses?
There are different types of colored contact lenses . Here are the most common ones:

opaque colored contact lenses . The opaque colored contact lenses are the most ͟covering quanto variety, as the color is not semitransparent or transparent, but it is a solid color that completely changes the color of the eyes;
semi-opaque colored contact lenses . Semi-opaque colored contact lenses are a cross between opaque and reflective contact lenses. They are special contact lenses that also manage to lighten dark eyes, exactly as happens with opaque contact lenses, but they have a greater nuance towards the pupil;
reflecting colored contact lenses . They are transparent contact lenses , with colored reflections , which do not radically change the color of the eye but give it particular nuances and make it appear larger;
custom colored (or customized) contact lenses . They are totally customizable opaque contact lenses, which have a rather high cost compared to the standard ones found on the market.

Colored contact lenses: how to use them?
Colored contact lenses, whether graduated or not, should be used exactly like normal contact lenses , with the same precautions and cautions. Before wearing them, therefore, it is good to have an eye examination , to check that you are fit to wear them. When you buy them, you must also make sure that they have the right alcohol content (if you have vision problems) and the right size.

In fact, there are colored contact lenses of various sizes to adapt to different types of eyes. If they are not of the right size , in fact, the colored part, especially the opaque ones, could obstruct the view. Like classic contact lenses, even colored ones should not be worn when you have irritated eyes or in case of allergic conjunctivitis and, absolutely, you should not use those of another person.

Maintenance and cleaning
Even colored contact lenses should be cleaned and disinfected like normal contact lenses, therefore they must be cleaned and stored with specific lens care products. If it is used sporadically, it is better to opt for daily ones . This aspect is fundamental in order not to risk irritating the eye and incurring more serious pathologies such as the inflamed optic nerve .

Colored contact lenses: cost
Colored contact lenses come in many different types and prices. The price varies according to the type of lens (opaque, semi-opaque, reflective), and according to the periodicity (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly).
Indicatively, the cost of colored contact lenses ranges from 13 to 40 euros . If you have decided to renew your look, having fun changing the color of your eyes, contact your trusted optician and choose the most suitable colored


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