Ways to make money Bitcoin


There are now many ways to earn crypto-currencies for self-employment and other types of online interaction. The latest addition to the recently launched Bitcoin.com video series is the generation of cash revenue in bitcoins.

The ” Top 10 Ways to Make Money Bitcoin” The video explains how anyone can start earning digital currency, for example by creating online content, completing tasks and bonuses, receiving tips by winning casino games, selling gift cards and even donating old clothes, and explaining how to receive free BCH by downloading Bitcoin.com Wallet.This video series debuts on May 1st with “8 ways Bitcoin Cash will change the world”.

Creating and sharing content
A popular way to make money in bitcoins is to create or share content online and be sociable. The video explains how to make money in bitcoins on certain platforms such as Twitter. Memo.cash and the censorship resistant Honest.cash . Although the publication is free and may bring you bitcoin money advice from other users, this latest platform offers additional ways to earn cryptocurrency. For example, popular content and those who discover it first earn more because they only cost a little BCH upvoting the messages of others, the payment to the first voters and creators of content.

The video also describes how you can get bitcoin money on traditional social networks such as Twitter and Reddit through Tipprbot , as bitcoin enthusiasts often get quality content on these platforms.

Tasks and bonuses
There are also markets that allow users to earn money in bitcoins by performing various online tasks. The video notes two: Lazyfox and Taskopus . Similar to the Fiverr consumer tasks site, Lazyfox offers tasks ranging from bug reports to video games in beta. Users can also download the decentralized Taskopus marketplace and pay for the bitcoin money needed for desktop tasks. Taskopus is newer and has a steeper learning curve, but is more private, which could lead to more interesting tasks.

For those with cyber-search skills, bounty hunting might be the most lucrative way to make money. BCH online. There are several active bonuses on Bitcoin.com, including the one currently offering up to 408.6356 BCH , worth $ 166,306 at the time of going to press. These tasks require more skills than most other options here, but the payment is also much more important.

Earn old-fashioned crypto
One of the easiest ways to get paid in crypto is to ask your current employer to pay you in cryptocurrency, explains the video. There are also independent labor markets such as Freelance for coins that claim to pay in cryptocurrency. Although the jobs listed on these charts can be lucrative, they may require personal identification and it can be difficult to match your skills to the right job.

You can also sell goods and services online in exchange for bitcoin money. Both Bitpay and Coingate help merchants accept bitcoin money payments on their websites You can also use third-party markets such as the popular Openbazaar peer-to-peer market that is available worldwide and has its own BCH integrated portfolio.

Finally, trading bitcoin cash for cash directly with other people, online or in person, could potentially be a lucrative way to earn decentralized money. Bitcoin.com is set to launch Local.Bitcoin.com, a peer-to-peer bitcoin cash exchange, on June 4th. Users can start Register Now .

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