How to make money with Facebook: tips and ideas for success


You wish to monetize your ideas? You are looking to develop your business but you do not know where to start? And if, instead of investing in traditional ways, you connect to the most famous social network in the world … Now discover how to make money with Facebook .

Every day, a large number of new applications and social networks appear. But Facebook is still the choice of many users, reaching each month nearly 2 billion and a half people. The key to its success is that it opens doors for discovery and connection with our loved ones , and what is happening around us.

Also, Facebook is constantly updated to help us create a space where we share interests, feelings and information relevant to a community. Thus, we are more and more numerous to use this social network as a tool to develop our business and to obtain a greater visibility.

And you too, you can do it! You do not have to be an expert to make money on Facebook . Follow these tips and turn your fan page into a profitable and consistent source of revenue.

Create a specialized page
Although Facebook has a large number of users, each person has their own interests that determine the content they see . Many are interested in films, others in music, some in animals … and so on in a multitude of tastes and opinions.

Instead of trying to create content for all users, it’s better to design a Facebook page with specialized content . Thus, you will find a well-defined community that shares your ideas and interests.

As soon as you start publishing, the public will evaluate your content: is it trustworthy? is it relevant? Based on their assessment, everyone will be able to share or comment on your content, which will improve its reach.

You will be able to design products and services to meet different demands. And you can also create strategic alliances with brands related to your interests. I’ll explain that to you a little further …

How to create a fan page?
On Facebook, creating a fan page is very different from creating a personal profile. The personal account can be configured to preserve your privacy. However, the fan page is a space to make you known and get closer to your customers and your potential audience .

1 First, you must have a Facebook account to create your page. If you have not registered yet, go to Facebook and you will see the form to fill on the homepage. Follow the instructions until the final check.
2 Enter your Facebook account and, in the blue bar at the top, open the “Create” menu and click on the “Page” option that comes first.
3 You will first have to choose between 2 options to define the type of page you want to create:
Company or brand: this category is for you if you are an entrepreneur, if you want to offer products or services to customers.
Local or public figure: here it’s more about connecting to a community to share more personal content. This is the ideal option for influencers, nonprofits, clubs, etc.
4 Then enter the name of your page. Make it original and reflect in a few words the content of your page. Add a category to make your page easier to find in search mode. Enter your address and, if you want, your phone number. And click on “Continue”.
5 Add a profile picture and a cover photo to present the visual image of your brand.
And There you go ! You have created your fan page ! You can now invite relatives to give you a “Like”, present your products and services, answer private messages, discover the statistics of your page … among other actions from a long list of tools and solutions that will help you make your voice heard.

Generate relevant content
Creating a specialized page is fine, but you also need to generate the right content to make money with Facebook . Users are becoming smarter. They ask for different and entertaining content that meets their needs.

Creates content that leads to action, invites to think and above all to act. Ask questions, carry out surveys … And always maintain your updated page with information that you relate to your main theme.

At the time of publishing, reinforce your written content with images and videos . According to a Wyzowl study , a platform dedicated to web content marketing, people remember 80% of what they see , but only 20% of what they read. That’s why it’s important to create images that summarize your idea. Thus, the public will feel more interested in watching the publication and sharing it.

Facebook’s platform is constantly updated and has incorporated Facebook Stories . These allow you to publish relevant content, in the form of images and videos, for a given time .

The importance of publishing valuable content
Using a tool such as fan pages, you can publish any type of content, but it is primarily designed to humanize your brand . What does it mean ? Well that means you can show your life, revealing what’s behind your business, as well as your creative approach.

Explain how your products are made, comment on your ideas for new topics, ask your community what they want to see.

Also, publish some tips and tricks related to your company. It is recommended to create a certain routine. Like a blog, you have to write well and often . It’s a way to expose yourself and show your social side .

Before publishing, ask yourself if the content is valuable to your readers or if it will cause some kind of reaction . This is the key to getting positive interactions. In the same way, define what is the most important content to avoid saturating your fans with unnecessary publications.

Uses Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads is a very useful solution to promote your brand through publications of various types of content: images, videos, advertising for your website, among others … For a low price, you will find several offers to make your ad. It will help you reach a targeted audience and increase your visibility . If you create a loyal community that constantly interacts, it will translate into potential customers who will be attentive to your publications and products.

Another advantage of this tool is that you can evaluate in real time the performance of your advertising campaigns. Thus, you will know if your strategy really works, and you will be able to realize the relevant changes.

How to use Facebook Ads?
In the menu, click on the option “Pub Space” then on the button “Create an advertisement”.
You will see several options to customize your ad:
Boost a publication
Promote your button Contact us
Promote your Send Message button
Encourage online visits
Promote your page
Get more leads
Choose the most appropriate ad type to make money with Facebook . If your page is designed for a group, publications with photos or videos are most relevant. So, in this case, the best option would be “Boost a Publication”. Thus, you will allow more people to get an idea of ​​the content you create.

When you have chosen the type of ad, you will have to fill a few sections with the image of your ad, a short description, a deadline , among other elements that vary according to your objectives.

By the way, if you do not know which option to choose, try the new “automated ads” option. This is an assistant who will ask you questions and help you set up your ad.

You must then define the audience who will be able to see your advertisements . Set your target criteria, such as place of residence, age, gender, and even more finely if you wish (and it’s highly recommended!) Thanks to a multitude of demographics, interests and behaviors.
Finally, select the amount you want to spend for this ad campaign. Here we go !
how to make money with Facebook traffic
Use your Facebook page to increase the traffic of your blog.

Generate traffic to your website or blog
If you have a website or a blog, use your Facebook page to increase the traffic of your official platforms , and thus earn money with Facebook.

With Google AdSense, you can place ads that interest your community on their website or blog . Then you can post the link on Facebook. Every time someone visits your site or blog, you’ll make money. That’s why it’s important to constantly update your site. It will allow you to increase traffic and respond quickly to requests from your community. In this other article you will discover other ways to make money with your blog.

From Facebook, you can post links for people to visit your blog . Among the ideas to increase the number of visits, you can for example publish a short description of what can be found on your blog or website. Thus, your audience will be on the lookout for your next publications.

Offer your products and services on Facebook
If you have published a book , if you are selling clothes , if you have designed an online training or if you are specialized in the creation of any product or service, your Facebook page allows you to open a shop and sell your products. sell your products and services. In this way, you will be able to earn money with Facebook and increase your income online .

For payment, your Facebook store can be configured in 2 ways:

Either from the description of a product or service on your page, a button will take the user to your e-commerce site.
Either interested people will have to send you a message and you will be able to offer the payment in the form that suits you.

Establishes strategic alliances with other brands
When you already have a large number of fans (” I like the page “), you will have the opportunity to contact brands or web pages that share the same interests to collaborate where each of the 2 parties can reap some benefits.

For example, if your page deals with motherhood, it can be interesting to come into contact with brands of diapers and baby clothes, to create publications, videos and photos that will promote a brand’s products.

Before accepting this type of alliance, do a preliminary search . You must know everything about the product you are going to promote. This will allow you to have total confidence in what you recommend.

How to make money with Facebook thanks to the affiliation
Do you have a talent for recommending brands, products and services? Does your Facebook community frequently interact with your publications? So, you should try the affiliate strategy to make money on Facebook .

The membership consists of recommending a product or service through your Facebook page. You will add a link that will allow your fans to reach the website where they can register or make a purchase. This is what I do when I recommend, for example, my readers to register on iGraal to earn money thanks to the cashback offered by this platform.

For every purchase made from your link, you will receive a certain percentage of commission . If you have a strong community, it will obviously be easier if they are interested in your recommendations and click on your links.

Some brands have their own affiliate platforms . Others use intermediaries to carry out these transactions. An example of a brand that practices affiliation is Amazon. It allows you to create links that lead directly to the products.

On Amazon, you will find a long list of products that you can compare and that allow you to offer different options to satisfy the tastes of your audience. Of course, there are also other brands that offer this opportunity to advertise their services.

Be vigilant! Depending on the conditions of each brand and platform, the links may sometimes have a limited duration . That’s why it’s important that you find out before you affiliate with a site. You will be able to create strategies that make the most of this solution.

Develops applications or games
In addition to posting photos and videos, you can increase your visits and earnings by developing an application or game for Facebook. Applications are seen by your fans as a plus that connects them and brings them closer to your community .

You can create the kind of application or game you want: games that challenge the intellect, applications that enhance an aspect of everyday life, and more. It must always meet the needs of your fans, of course.

To monetize the application or the game, it is strongly recommended to create a free version . Thus, more people will be able to discover it. In addition to this, it is possible to charge for options that enrich the service, or levels of play or to unlock power, etc.

In addition, you have the alternative possibility of inserting advertisements in the application or the game . In this way, users can enjoy it for free, but you will earn income that will reward the time you have invested.

That’s it, I hope you now know a little more about how to make money with Facebook . Follow these tips. And keep in mind that in addition to using all the tools offered by the platform, the most important thing is to have a plan or an idea that expresses with simplicity your vision of your brand. In this way, you will have a perfect vision of what is the communication tone for your page. And you will quickly reach the level of traffic you are looking for.

And you then, you already have a Facebook page that you monetize? How do you make money with Facebook? Share your experience in the comments!πŸ™‚


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