5 ways to earn money as freelancer without any scam


Nowadays, many people are self-employed as there are countless legitimate ways to make online money from home. Freelancing is getting common as being a freelancer can give you flexibility in terms of working time. Moreover, you can get useful experiences for potential jobs in the future as well. For many people, making money online can be confusing and threatening (due to some online frauds) but it doesn’t need to be like that.

Moreover, as we are living in an age of technology and almost everyone has access to the internet so you can easily learn a lot of useful things on your own by different tutorials.

In this article, I’m presenting 5 safe and decent ways to earn money online as freelancer in 2018. Through these five jobs, you can earn a decent amount of money online.

  1. Content writer

It is the easiest one to pull off, as you do not possess any other skills because you already know how to write. All you need is some expertise in research as with content writing you’ll have to do a lot of research. Think about your own field of expertise and then start to develop in that area as a blogger. It can be health, lifestyle,sports, technology related, or texts for different websites (like text they can use as good material or descriptions for their websites)

In this way, you will get a good exercise for your writing career, and it will surely multiply the chances of getting a writing job on a topic you actually love to write.

However, to get an online writing job, you should have something in your portfolio. For this purpose, you can make your profile on online platforms. You can open up a couple of accounts on blogging platforms to submit your work. It will be leading point to get the first few jobs. Your work history and reviews are quite crucial since people go through your reviews before they employ you. Hence make sure you perform your best.

On the other hand, you can make accounts on blogging platforms like Cracked or List verse right away that pay for written content.  All you need to do is perform your job well and stick to it. By doing this, you will be able to get more writing jobs in the future, and it becomes easier to find new clients with similar requests.

2.Web designing

This is best for all those who have some basic knowledge of coding or willing to start learning some coding basics. Since, WordPress is not too tough to learn and you can start with easy procedures to become a proficient and then you can start offering your services. Although, in starting you will face some possible problemsbut once you get started it will benefit you in longer run.

Every organization needs a website for their company. Moreover, nowadays there are startups that emerge on a daily basis and they also need a website for their startupgenerally. Even individuals ask for websites, as they need a place to place to save and show their treasured memories like weddings, bachelor parties, baby pictures, etc.

If you’re a beginner, much like with writing then at starting you’ll need to do a few of jobs at a lower price. In order to find clients you can visit freelancing platformsor you can do your own outreach either by e-mails, or contact them on social media like FB and Instagram pages.  You will find a lot a lot of business owners and companies who have a Facebook page, but do not have their own website.

In this way, you can reach out them personally by doing a message and tell them that you offer web designing services at a lower price as you are trying to make a portfolio and earn money as well.

Moreover, once you become an expert then find out you’re and impress potential clients. Apart from their instruction, give them extra tips on how they can actually improve their web design. Show some dedication that you’re willing to offer value that they are expecting against their cost.

Last but not least, to cater the needs of your diverse customersit would be wise to go through all of the themes and plugins.  There are specific themes for particular types of websites, whether it is for a restaurant, for a personal blog, or for a magazine, etc.

  1. Graphic designing

This is another skill that is common to earn money online. Who doesn’t need graphics?  Every field like game developers, book artists, music artists, bloggers and many others needGraphic designersto do concept art and full drawings for their products.

Despite the fact that it can be difficult to get good at graphic designing as your clients want perfect image according to their descriptions but still there are many ways to work around these issues.

No matter if generally you are bad at drawing, since nowadays, you draw using gadgets. It makes the whole trial and error process much faster. Therefore, even if you are not good at it, you can still get a chance of it more easily with the use of current technologies and software.

At first, go through different drawing tutorialsto pick up some helpful techniques and become more efficient. Keep in mind that when it comes to creating a portfolio, you don’t have to create free designs for clients or at lower price like with the previous examples.

You can upload your good work at Deviant Art, Getty Images orPinterest,so make accounts on these platforms and display your work. To getsome guidelines on how to improve your work, you can also communicate with members there for feedbacks.

If you master the art of drawing then there are many opportunities for graphic designers today, so you can look forward to a very well-paid future.

  1. Onlinetuition

It is the easiest among all the options here. You’d be surprised to know that how many people are interested in just learning the English language. Furthermore, to become an English tutor, you do not even have to be a native speaker.

All you need to have good command on English grammar and a good vocabulary with decent pronunciation. Mostly, these classes are done over Skype, and your audience would be largely Chinese or Japanese people.

The good thing about these classes is that your studentshardly ever need actual English lessons; these ‘students’ frequently want to practice their conversation skills. So, you don’t have need to planand prepare like a teacher for a usual class. Select some common or interesting you want to talk about and think how to keep the conversation going.

To become an online tutor, you need to find an agency that employs teachers who will give different language classes online. Submit your application and they will conduct an interview with you online. In your interview be enthusiastic, smile often and not to rush while you speak.

You have to speak clearly so that they can see how you pronounce words.

You will have to go over one English lesson during the interview. After evaluation, they will let you know whether you got the job or not.Remember, even if you fail do not worry, you’ll have an opportunity to repeat the interview.

It’s a great opportunity for students and for those who want to be a teacher someday. In this way, you can improve your language skills as well. Moreover, this may looks like a full-time job, but it is not. You simply set your schedule and wait for students to sign up for classes.

  1. Become a photo editor

For all those who find drawing somewhat difficult and think that graphic designing isn’t their cup of tea, they can choose photo editing. Since, it doesn’t need as much skill as drawing.

Trust me, onceyou start learning how the photo editing tools function, you’ll be surprised that how creative you can be and what you can do with just random and ordinary pictures.

You will find lots of clients who will need photo editing services. They can get you services to edit their product pictures, an album cover, a movie poster, etc. Once you become proficient, you will get lots of clients on different platforms like Fiverr.

Just like the previous examples, you can download or watch online tutorials to get how know, and once you leave behind your training wheels, you’ll get to be creative and master of editing.


So, as you have read these skills that can easily land you a job. Now, it’s your turn to think and realize that which one of them fits you best. You have to see in which skill you can excel your career.

Moreover, you can also look around freelancing platforms to see what else you can do as a freelancer. However, to get a jobfor every skill, you will need a portfolio or work samples to show your clients.You have to make sure that there should be something in your basket as work samples. So, starts creating something at the earliest and don’t waste your time in just over thinking.


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