What are the short-term small investment earning projects?


It is really difficult to find a stable and satisfying job now. Some people even want to give up such a good job even if they want to start a business. Because entrepreneurship is risky, if you fail and lose such a job, you will lose more. At this time, you can try some short-term small investment projects. This will not be so painful even if it fails. For example, selling some corresponding items on certain holidays is a very good choice. Some people think that selling such things to the street stalls will not erase the face, but it turns out that many people have earned a lot of income by setting up stalls on holidays.

1. Lantern Festival selling wishing lights

The wishing lamp is also called Kongming Lantern and Wind Light. Originally referred to as the paper lanterns Zhuge Liang used for help, many people now put the lights on the Lantern Festival. Everyone likes to write good wishes on the wishing lamp to fly the sky, hoping that they will be better with their family and friends. This is a very beautiful thing, so everyone is willing to buy a wishing light. The author’s pro-accounting for the sale of the wishing lamp a few days before and after the Lantern Festival is still very impressive. Wishing lights are usually not used by everyone, so you should consider the demand when you are stocking. Also remind everyone to choose an empty place when lighting a wishing light.

2, open nail shop

It is said that women’s money is the best to earn. Some cleansing devices on the Internet open the outer casing. In fact, there is a simple small electric motor inside, which is also dozens of pieces. Beauty is a woman’s nature. If you make your nails beautiful, it seems that your mood will be much better. Nail shops are not expensive and easy to use. Those who want to open a nail shop but don’t have nails can go to some training courses first. Only with strong professional skills will the nail shop’s business get better and better. Before you open a nail shop, you can go to the night market. Basically, every night market street has small stalls for making nails.

3, special snacks

The food you eat will never be outdated. Especially on holidays or nightfalls, a wide variety of specialty snacks are easy to find on the street. Whether it is a shop or a mobile booth, as long as it is a snack business, it will not be too bad. Of course, the premise is that you have to do delicious, clean and hygienic. If you think that the cost of doing a shop is too big, you can start with a mobile booth. The advantage of moving a booth is that you can change the location, where the traffic is large, and wherever you can go. But the downside is that if the location is not right, it is easy to be chased by the city management.


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