How many number of children to have to be happy?


Becoming parents is always a joy, a role that fills the days of mom and dad, overwhelms and upsets them, as it does with married life, or as a couple in general.

There was a time when, becoming parents , it seemed almost an obligatory stage of the couple’s relationship : we fell in love, got married and had children, because basically the meaning of life was that. Not that all this was an obligation, mind you, but having a child and starting a family seemed almost a natural extension of a relationship .

Today, however, everything is completely different, the society has abandoned the old popular customs and commonplaces, women dedicate themselves to careers and marriage, or coexistence, continue happily, even without children . Yet, there is a discussion in all this, which remains an evergreen: what is the ideal number of children to have , to be happy parents?

Bryan Caplan, an American economist and researcher, and father of four beautiful children, said that in reality the optimal number is calculated based on personal preferences, and how to blame him? If parents are particularly fond of children, it will not be difficult to start a happy and large family, and if we really have to choose a number, that would be four.

According to the economist, everything varies mainly based on how you perceive your role . Many people, in fact, experience parenting with stress and fears, because in the hope of helping their children to succeed they make the parenting experience particularly expensive and tiring, that’s why we should review our approach to raising children and then, if we can afford it, consider having more, because children can be fun and give joy and satisfaction.

And then again, a small group of American scholars investigated the ideal number of children that brings happiness to parents. From the research published in Psychology Today , it seems that a second or third child does not necessarily make us happier, but that the magic number seems to be two . According to others, however, there is no number of children to recreate the ideal family because it all depends on the wishes and possibilities of the parents.

In short, if we really can’t help but ask ourselves, the number of children that makes us happy parents varies from the family and economic situation, from experiences and changes in the course of life. Clear, logical and intuitive , do you agree?


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