7 tips to rescue your wet cell phone


Did you get wet during the rain? Or did he fall down the toilet? Perhaps the accident happened while the dishes were being washed. Whatever the case, when the cell phone gets wet one already begins to say goodbye to the team. However, water does not always mean the end.

By acting quickly and appropriately it is possible to recover the mobile. Here are some tips to try to save the device. They are not infallible but it is certainly worth a try.

1. Immediately remove it from the water. There is more chance that the team will recover if it was only in contact with the water than if it was submerged for a while, so acting on time is essential.

2. Remove the battery. This step is crucial to avoid further damage. It is that in this way you can prevent short circuits.

3. Separate the removable parts. The next step is to remove the memory card, the casing and everything that can be removed easily and without resorting to tools. In fact it is not advised to completely disassemble the device. Just remove the removable parts. And you have to do it very carefully to prevent water from entering the mobile phone through the different ports and openings it has.

4. Dry with a cotton napkin or towel. This serves to remove excess water. It should be done just sliding the material through the device to avoid sticking fabric or paper fibers.

5. Silica gel. It is used to remove moisture after the mobile has dried. Simply place a closed silica pack next to the kit. Another of the most widespread tips is to use rice for this same purpose. Some claim that it is effective.

6. Wait. Once all the previous steps have been done, you must allow 24 to 48 hours to assemble it again.

7. Final step. Finally you have to turn it on and see if it works. If this does not happen, it will be a matter of going to a technical service and asking if it is possible to repair it. Keep in mind that the warranty does not cover repair costs on equipment that got wet.

What should never be done:
1. When the device gets wet, avoid using the on / off key.

2. A hair dryer should not be used as this could cause water to drain into the equipment.

3. Avoid applying cold or heat.

4. Plug it in wet? Never. This could pose a risk to the user and cause further damage to the equipment.


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