How to create a social network like facebook


A social network is a useful tool to use in various things; These connect us with the world, with friends, companions, relatives and even with celebrities. Having one is also useful to give promotion to companies and large or growing companies.

Nowadays social networks are necessary spaces to keep you informed about everyone’s day to day and about the news that happens on our planet.

Companies can build their own social network to strengthen the interaction or communication between them and their customers, as well as can be used to promote or launch an article or product.

Create your own social network

You yourself could create your own social network through research or forming a group of people to facilitate, as programmers. You could also do programming courses, but there are simple and practical methods as well as those that the Internet mentions us and which most of us will access.

There are infinities of platforms that are easy tools to use to start a social network, and to launch our goal, here I am going to name one of the platforms that are highly recommended.

Elgg Platform: it is a tool recommended by users who have used it to create their own social network due to its multiple functions and supports.
This is responsible for providing support as a tool for schools, universities, businesses, political bodies and even churches to create a social network.

This platform offers common features such as user profiles, support for cell phones.

Buddypress: It is a free software that also allows you to create a social network for you , has a large community of different programmers who work together to design all kinds of plugins, different topics and if you have any problems with the code, They can also help you solve it.
You can fully customize your social network unlike other softwares that have hosted services, from generating groups, chats to creating forums and a system for user profiles.

SocialEngine: As for paid tools, the number one is this, this software is developed in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), this open source language which can be used with HTML and is specially used to design the web.

Some pages are more user friendly

Although many pages are friendly to the consumer to facilitate their use, some carry the expression “friendly” to another level, this is because to create your social network in some software requires previous programming knowledge, if you do not have them and you just want to skip all that, you can use Ning.

Enter the page to start, which will ask you to name the social network as you prefer, now you will ask for a web address and also your preference and not necessarily have to do with the name of the page, then you must specify what is this network focused on

Do not forget to include the privacy terms at the end and the applications that are your preference, so you will see or intuitive that your network can become.


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