Lemon and Ginger Tea – Health & Beauty Benefits and Easy Recipe


Lemon and ginger tea is probably most affordable and healthiest drink in this world that can be consumed for plenty of health benefits. Often many people come to me and ask for a natural remedy for healthy lifestyle, better digestion, weight loss, common cold etc, I always recommend them drinking lemon ginger tea no matter what their problem is. To me, lemon ginger tea is an ultimate home remedy to various health issues starting from common cold and ending at weight loss.

Key Ingredients – Lemon and Ginger
What makes lemon and ginger tea best for various health issues are its ingredients i.e. Lemon and Ginger. Let’s have a look at their amazing nutritional value and benefits.

Lemon comes packed with plenty of nourishing elements like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, folate, thiamin, riboflavin, panthothenic acid, niacin, magnesium, potassium, zinc etc. It has various anti-oxidant and cancer fighting properties and helps in preventing the health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, indigestion, & fever. Apart from that, lemon is also great for your skin, hair, and your teeth.

According to the study published in American Urological Association, lemon also prevents the occurrence of kidney stones by assisting in the formation of urinary citrate to prevent the formation crystals. Lemon has various other medicinal properties that make it a great food for maintaining an overall good health.

Health benefits of lemon
Some of the most common health benefits of lemon are:

1 It helps in treating indigestion
2 It is great for your dental health
3 Lemon has bleaching and nourishing properties to make your skin glow
4 It makes hair smoother and also helps you get rid of dandruff
5 Lemon can be used to treat fever
6 The antiseptic and coagulant properties of lemon helps in stopping the internal bleeding
7 Lemon helps in relieving the respiratory problems
8 Good for weight loss
9 Controls blood pressure
10 Good for nails
Another key ingredient if lemon ginger tea is ginger with is an amazing herb filled with medicinal and healing properties. It is filled with nutrients and bioactive compounds that can have powerful impact on your brain and overall health. Gingerol present in ginger is one thing that makes it so great. It helps in relieving cold, infections, boost immunity, prevents cough and there are many other things that makes ginger an amazing plant belonging to rhizome family.

It comes packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These properties of ginger have been scientifically proven to offer plenty of health benefits.

Health Benefits of Ginger
1 It has anti-blood-clotting properties which help in preventing the stroke and heart diseases.
2 Ginger relieves the conditions like bloating and hence it is very good food for indigestion and nausea.
3 Boost immunity
4 Helps in the treatment of respiratory problems.
5 Prevents the bacterial infections and hence relieves common cold and cough.
6 Reduces pain caused due to arthritis.
7 Assists in weight loss.
8 Prevents fungal infections.
9 Good for diabetics.
10 Treats stomach ulcers.
Since you have taken a look at both the key ingredients of ginger tea along with their individual benefits, you can imagine how good drinking lemon ginger tea would be for your health.

How to make lemon and ginger tea at home? – Easy Recipe
So, you want to learn to make lemon ginger tea at home to reap it health benefits. I will give you an easy recipe. Just take a look.

1. 1 small piece of ginger
2. Water – 1 small cup
3. One small lemon
4. Honey (Optional)
1 Put water in a pan and boil for 5 minutes.
2 Crush the ginger well and put in the boiling water.
3 Let the water boil again for 15 minutes.
4 Filter the ginger particles and add take the tea out in a cup.
5 Add lime juice and stir well to mix.
6 Add honey to taste if needed and your lemon ginger tea is ready.
Isn’t this lemon ginger tea recipe easy? Come on now and add it to your diet for a better lifestyle and good health.

If you want to use ginger lemon tea for weight loss, read this article.

Health Benefits of Lemon and ginger tea
Both lemon and ginger have various medicinal and energy boosting properties. This leads to better digestive health and metabolism. There are many other health benefits that you can avail with the help of lemon ginger tea. Take a look:

1. Relieves Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea and vomiting are the symptoms of many diseases and side-effects of their treatments. If you are pregnant, on a medication, or seasick, you often feel nauseas and are prone to vomiting. This condition is often very irritating and frustrating at the same time. Don’t worry, you can drink lemon and ginger tea to treat nausea and vomiting.

According to the studies, ginger is most effective remedy for treating and relieving the gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal pain, indigestion, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. So, net time you face any of these problems, gulp down a cup of lemon ginger tea.

2. Boosts Immunity
Lemon ginger tea is a great immunity booster. This is because of the presence of vitamin C present in the lemon which is a great anti-oxidant to strengthen the immune system. On the other hand, ginger helps in preventing the infections and keeps you away from the diseases. Both of these ingredients of lemon and ginger tea works best to boost your immunity and keep you away from the plenty of diseases.

3. Assists in Weight Loss
Lemon and ginger tea is an amazing weight loss drinks that can help you increase the effectiveness of your diet and workout plan that you are following to lose weight and stay in shape. The reason why lemon ginger tea is good for weight loss is because it can help you improve your digestive health, boosts metabolism, and gives you energy to burn more calories. It also increases your insulin resistance and prevents the fat from being accumulated in the body, studies suggest.

4. Improves Heart Health
Drinking lemon and ginger tea on regular basis can help you get rid of many heart diseases including the heart attack. Studies say that, vitamin C present in lemon is known to improve the flow of blood inside the veins and maintain a healthy blood pressure. It also as anti-clotting properties which prevents the blood clots from forming and thus reducing the risk of strokes and attacks. On the other hand, ginger has many anti-inflammatory properties which enhance the blood circulation and prevents the cardiovascular diseases.

5. Treats Ovarian Cyst
If you are suffering from ovarian cyst, lemon and ginger tea can help you improve your condition. Ginger and lemon are effectively known to shrink the size of PCOS and offer you significant relief. The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of this simple tea definitely help you in relieving the cyst. Though, no scientific study has been conducted to prove this, must many doctors agree.

6. Improves the cognitive function
Apparently, if you want to become smarter, drinking lemon and ginger tea can help you. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties help making the memory sharper. Middle-aged women can drink lemon ginger tea to improve their cognitive function and for a sharper memory. Drinking this tea regularly also reduces the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums
In spite of the fact that lemon is acidic in nature, it alkalizes the body when it enters inside. It helps in maintaining better teeth and gums. Not only that, it boosts the metabolic rates and reduces the levels of bad cholesterol inside the body. It can also help in fat reduction by stopping your cravings for fast food and sugars.

8. Improves the liver function
Studies have proved that drinking lemon and ginger tea on regular basis can help your liver function better. Not only that, it helps in treating the liver diseases mainly caused because of alcohol and smoking.

9. Stress Relief
This magic tea is also a great stress reliever. Lemon and ginger is effectively used for aromatherapy to boost the mood and handle the mood swings. It leads to lower stress in your body and healthy lifestyle.

10. Relieves Menstrual Pain
Lemon and ginger possess anti-inflammatory properties which help in relieving different kinds of pains. You can also soothe your menstrual pain and cramps with the help of lemon and ginger tea. Apart from that, this tea can be used to heal normal headaches, migraine pains, and other pains caused due to surgery or illness.

Beauty Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea for Skin
Beauty benefits of ginger teaLemon and ginger tea is not only good for your health, but it is equally beneficial for your skin too. Here are some of the beauty benefits of lemon and ginger tea:

1 This tea is filled with vitamins and many other nutrients which are helpful in marinating a healthy skin leading to the natural skin glow.
2 Anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties of ginger and lemon tea helps in preventing pimples and acne.
3 This tea also reduces puffiness and swelling on the face.

Beauty Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea for Hair
You wonder what this magic tea can’t do, don’t you? Yes, lemon and ginger tea is beneficial for your hair too. Let’s have a look at how it helps in giving you better hair:

1 Lemon and ginger tea is rich in vitamins and minerals to help your hair grow taller and stronger.
2 Regular consumption of this tea reduces hair fall.
3 If you have dandruff and itchy scalp, drinking this tea regularly can help.

Tips for drinking lemon and ginger tea for the best results
1 It is recommended to drink this tea in the morning on empty stomach to detoxify.
2 For losing weight, it is recommended to drink this tea twice a day – once in the morning and once after the dinner. Make sure you have had your dinner by 7 PM.
3 You can add a pinch of honey or turmeric powder for added benefits.
4 Add apple cider vinegar to your tea to make it taste better and more beneficial for weight loss.

Precautions and Possible Side Effects
There are not possible side effects of lemon and ginger tea, but there are some preventive measures that you always need to keep in mind before drinking:

1 Drink in moderations and moderation is the key. Drinking high amounts of this tea may lead to slight heartburn and upset stomach.
2 Do not over-drink as it may lead to dehydration. Make sure you drink enough water in a day if you consume lemon and ginger tea.
3 Do consult your doctor if you have any allergies or if you are on any kind of medication.

Final Notes
So, whenever you decide to add lemon and ginger tea to your diet for any purpose be it weight loss or better health, always keep in mind that moderation is the key.


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